Fall Celebrations, Rosaries, and Crafty Crafting

Friday, October 23, 2015

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We have a had a very busy week/weekend! Since we are approaching the middle of John's preschool homeschool with 26 Letters to Heaven, we are taking a little break. It's a good thing too because we needed some time to do crafting to get ready for Harry Potter party!


We went to the parish Fall Festival last Saturday! This was our first time attending post-wedding, so first time with kids. Like many things in life, it's a lot more fun with kids.

This is a game where you shoot a little boat with a water run and race to get it to the other side of the gutter faster than the next guy. Surprisingly fun.

John got his first face painting. He picked out the pumpkin image himself, but he was pretty suspicious of this process.
Check out that side eye.


We also love our ecumenical relations in this neck of the woods. Check out the festival spirit shirt.


We also had rosary making that evening!

You know what is a good idea to do BEFORE an hour or two before the event starts? Make sure you actually have rosary supplies.
I had nothing besides tools and string. I don't know what happened there.

We made an emergency Joann's run, and the event was saved!

Evidence that I ordered a LOT of new supplies. They got here yesterday. Sorry y'all.

For the interested, we did mediocre at trivia and did not succeed in securing the table with good light, so no rosary making at the bar. But someday...


John played his first Monopoly game and it was pretty funny. "Gotta hold on to your monies."
When paying rent to Matt: "Con-GRA-tulations Dada!" 

The guy who has taken a vow of poverty beat us all though. 


And it's prep for Harry Potter time! I made these pipe cleaner Happy Potter glasses just for fun to kill time on a no-nap afternoon, but John REALLY liked them. Might just make a few for the littles on Halloween. I don't know if I can size it up enough for an adult size.

I put together the sorting hat! This is precisely the reason I will go through the trouble of picking up stuff let by the side of the road. So many fun scraps of fabric!

Me and the hot glue gun are good friends now. This week, we'll include some spray paint in this party.


Today on the left, late August on the right. I work on it at least an hour every day. Oh dear.

I am making progress on the enormously complicated Christmas stocking! Hopefully, I can get it done by Christmas. There is still a lot of work to do.


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Which is not at all surprising. It was clearly not a good titling morning for me.


  1. Aw, it's too bad Rosary-making at the bar didn't work out! I think it's really cool that y'all do that...I may toss that suggestion around in our young adult group sometime, if we're looking for an easy, fun service activity! That Christmas stocking is amazing! Your patience is incredible. My best friend gave me a cross-stitch embroidery thing to make YEARS ago, and even though it's only the size of a glasses case, I've barely gotten anything accomplished on it haha.

    1. These more tedious projects I make for other people are FAR more likely to get done than something I'm doing just for fun. I tend to need a purpose for things.
      Poor Matt has gotten shunted to the back burner whenever I'm pregnant and need to make the baby's stocking and birth announcement. He's truly been waiting a few years for this one.

  2. I love your stocking. I bet it makes you look forward to Christmas. Just seeing that makes me happy and excited for the holiday season.

    1. Thanks Tacy!
      I love to make things like this that, while they may take a very long time to make, will be used for many years. Maybe this will become an heirloom, who knows?


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