The Other Things Are Still Happening!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for another round of 7 Quick Takes!

Some of you know it's been quite the week, but there have been other stuff going on in our lives. Promise.


We celebrated a belated Feast of Pope St. John Paul II last Friday with dirt and worms! 
I learned that the only candy my kids agree on are gummy worms. I can roll with that.

I also made some for my Endow group. I make the grown ups have liturgical fun too.


This little monkey has zero interest in walking, but an insatiable thirst for climbing.
Finding her under the cart is becoming a regular occurrence. 


As is this.

Obviously, it is easier to climb over every single pot and pan than it is to go around the corner.


We have been in full swing Halloween prep time for a while, but things are coming together now!
I almost always carve my jack o' lanterns with a moon and stars.
Because I'm not trying to win any contests. 

But it's pretty, no?


I thought about getting a better picture, but I kind of like photo bombing wand in the front there. He's got spunk.

One of the successful Potter DIY's...WANDS! 

These are made out of paper, hot glue, and lots of metallic spray paint.
They also had glow in the dark spray paint at the store, but I resisted.

But how awesome would that be though?!


You might have noticed there have not been homeschool preschool updates for a bit. 
(Or not, that's fine too.)

We are on our halfway point vacation!

This is one of my curriculum policies. We steam ahead trying out different approaches on a curriculum until we find our groove. Once we reach about halfway, we have normally found the groove and a break will not be too detrimental to getting back on track.

Halfway is about how long I would give a little kid program to work. If it was not going well, this is the time I would use to find something else. 
But it's going fine, so this is Halloween fun time instead!


Reminder, time change this Sunday! Don't let this be you!

Credit: Catholic Memes
It is really sad to be ready to sing awesome songs on Sunday....
....and then look out at a very sparse church.

Because they couldn't be trusted to notice things like Daylight Savings Time ending.

Don't make your church ladies sad!


  1. That jack o' lantern looks awesome! I also love the idea of dirt & worms for JPII's feast day. That seems very appropriate for a man who spent so much time hiking outside! And it's way easier than Pope Cake. Next year, I just might give dirt & worms a go instead :)

    1. Highly recommend the dirt and worms, as well as hiking. I love these newer saints that don't really have traditions and we get to be the people who form how these feasts are celebrated in our little "t" tradition.

    2. That's a really good point,there is so much tradition that we all get to develop! I like that way of looking at it :)


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