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Friday, October 16, 2015

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for another round of 7 Quick Takes!


This is John looking very deep in thought. This is what he did before roaring at the pigeons. 

We went to the very last day of SF Fleet Week on Monday. They only had ship tours going that day, but that's all I really wanted to do with the little kids any way.

We saw this ship.

HMCS Calgary
She's Canadian, and had to miss the Sunday tours because it was Canadian Thanksgiving. Thank goodness we came on Monday. 
Everyone was very friendly, and John was only a little bit terrified of the diving gear and big guys in uniforms. 


Monday was also cool because we got our friend David, known as David the Jesuit to come with us!

Therese is a little groupie.
 He is a seminarian and fellow Texan, so we're obviously friends.

Thanks for hanging out with us! I feel like it should count towards priestly training to experience a day with littles. Maybe some penance.


Matt has been taking an evening bike repair class on Tuesdays. The kids are pretty fine with it until we are eating dinner. Then there is BIG concern about where Daddy might be.

When he does come home, it's a little like the world was crashing but now it's all better because DADDY'S HOME!

Lots of props to Matt for getting right down to baths and bedtime stories. I think they like it.


Giant spoons are not nearly as fun as squishing food with your fingers.
I have been trying to do a little more cooking with John. He seems to be a more adventurous eater if he can help make it. This week we made chocolate chip granola bars as our fun one.

Always remember to grease the pan! Syrupy sugary foods will become like concrete in the fridge.

I did figure out we could fix it by placing the pan in a hot water bath for small time increments until the spatula could start to lift the bars up.

Look at the delilicious! Totally worth it.

John went down the giant concrete slide for the very first time! 

I really didn't think he was going to do it by himself, but I didn't say anything about it. I went down first, holding Therese, and John had been behind me. When I looked up, and he was getting ready, I just grabbed the camera. 

You slide down sitting on a piece of cardboard. People normally leave a few there so it's easy enough to go even without planning ahead. But John is small, and he slid off the cardboard just after this photo was taken. Perhaps that was a good thing because that made him slow down for the fast part.


Our very first batch of rosaries ready for shipping!
October is the Month of the Holy Rosary, and our young adult group is celebrating by making rosaries for the Sisters of the Eleventh Hour. They bring the rosaries to prisons in the US and Mexico.

This is also one of the cheapest ministries ever! We get our supplies through Our Lady's Rosary Makers for roughly $10, including shipping, for every 50 rosaries.

Trust me, get the knotting tool. It makes it so much easier!


And it makes total sense to follow up making rosaries with trivia at the bar! 
If you don't know this by now, I'm a super nerd and trivia is my idea of a fun evening.

We really are going to make as many rosaries as possible and then go to trivia. 
Might continue making rosaries at the bar.
How great would it be if we got these hipsters making rosaries because they like crafting?!


Apparently, I'm supposed to answer“Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?”
This is why you should always read the instructions.

Well I discovered 7 Quick Takes via Kendra at Catholic All Year. I'm pretty sure I found My Domestic Monastery via 7QT.

Though I would say I mostly continue to follow people I found through links on other blogs. Mostly because I tend to click on people with a pretty graphic or catchy title. 


  1. Hipsters making rosaries! Bwahahaha! I love the visual of that :) If you do it, make sure to take a picture so I can see if the reality is like what I'm picturing in my head... :)

  2. Oh, I love the idea of making rosaries at the bar! I totally second using the rosary tool-makes it so much easier!!! Those kinds of built-in-the-hill slides are so cool! I've been on one once, and while it wasn't the fasted thing in the world, I just felt really cool doing it. Especially since I'm in my early twenties, and aside form my husband, the majority of people going down it were under 10 haha.


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