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Friday, October 2, 2015

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for another Friday of 7 Quick Takes!

It has been a busy week around here in little ways. Here are some of my favorite things this week beginning with the Feast of the Little Flower!

1. Therese had a name day!

Therese with St. Therese!
 This was Therese's first name day we could pesudo-celebrate. She's still too little to pick what's for dinner, but she did get to eat her favorite food (spaghetti) and squash it all over her face.

The utter joy of food squashed above your eyebrows...good times.

2. John is blossoming as a "shadow dancer"

Check out these sweet 3 year old moves.


He might have some Peter Pan auditions in his future.

3. The Ants are Swarming!

We took a walk around the neighborhood as an "insect hunt" for letter I week. It was the day after a very much awaited (but very light) rain. The. Ants. Are. Swarming!

This was the best picture I got because they had started crawling over my feet. Yeah. That was fun.
We found three separate colonies doing this on two blocks.

I thought we were just going to find rolly pollys, dragonflies, maybe a beetle or two. Oui.

4. Rain/threat of rain means introducing the kids to children's museums!

We have a pretty awesome children's museum, Habitot, within walking distance of our house (or short bus ride.) Yet I have not taken the kids there the whole time we've lived in Berkeley.

The angry grey sky (and closed library) meant they finally got to enjoy its offerings.

They have a painting wall and the kids can make it as messy as they want. 

He was pouring water upstream so Therese's boat would float. Sweet sibling love!

5. Elderly priests are awesome

I like to do the southern thing of going up to groups of friendly-enough people, and saying "Can I sit with y'all?" in the cheeriest voice I can muster. I meet great people this way.

My personal favorite this week was an elderly Salesian priest. Mostly because he said this:

"Well, I'm originally from Italy, but when Hitler invaded Poland I ran the other way. And I found the Salesians! So I suppose that worked out."

6. Papal Magic Tricks

This is not real. I repeat, not real.

But is it hilarious? Yes, yes it is.


7. Game night!

Tonight is our parish young adult game night with the Jesuit formation house guys. I'm pretty excited about it, and it rounds out my success in hanging out at church more nights than not this week. Winning!

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