Sightings of Mr. Bad Attitude

Friday, October 9, 2015

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It's roughly mid-term time in this here college town. I always know it's here by sightings of a beast I like to call "Mr. Bad Attitude".
Mr. Bad Attitude has many distinctive behaviors.


He can be found obsessively washing 5+ loads of laundry in the apartment wash room. 
Yes, he does need ALL of the machines. 
No, he can't possibly hold off on one load.


He finds all unexpected noises irritating, but especially the laughter of kids. This creature has been known to slam his window in a huff with the not-so-whispered swearing just to drive the point home.

One would think this means the creature is holed up in his den studying, but this is contradicted by the theme songs of all of the Netflix binging. This is ascertained by the clear sound coming through the walls.


Occasional sightings occur in daylight, but these are sad sights. He is normally looking a little lost, and clutching a large coffee and maybe an energy drink. He appears unsure if he meant to go to class, sleep, or cry.


Sometimes he can be found in the beer aisle at Safeway on a vain search to find the beer he loved on study abroad when he made straight A's! You refrain from commenting. Very very much effort is expended to refrain from commenting.


You begin to suspect this is like male PMS. Maybe it just needs the right food? Maybe you can make cookies and leave them outside his home!
But then you worry he might be gluten free. And maybe sugar isn't the thing to give for this particular ailment anyway.


Then the glorious day comes when all is silent on the western front. Exams have been taken! Rejoice and be glad!
The happy happy day is announced by the early morning scuffling of packing and the slamming of doors in the rush to catch the airport shuttle. 

That day is today my friends. Raise your coffee mugs to all those who have survived their scrape with Mr. Bad Attitude! 
He'll be around again, but for now I can let the kids play as loud as they want and do laundry without any of it getting put, badly, on top of the machine. Freedom is here!

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